Welcome to Meegu's Place, I am Meegu

I'm a hobby artist and biology student. I'm mostly interested in plants, biodiversity and ecosystems.

My aim is to make a website that feels relaxed and fun to browse, please go at your own leisure. To the left you will find my artwork, and things I enjoy.

Feel free to leave a message in my chatbox to the right, my guestbook, or my profile.
Read more about why I decided to make this website on my about me page.

Take some strawberries while you're here!


Update log

30 04 2024 - Directory added
29 04 2024 - Page links added
26 04 2024 - Site was made


⋆Add a music player
⋆Add content to each page
⋆Follow a HTML/CSS course online
⋆Improve accessability
⋆Add socials