Get to know me

A short online history

Hi, thanks for visiting this page. When I was around 12 I started playing Maplestory. My character name was Meegu, and that stuck as my online name. Since that time, the internet has changed a lot, sadly not just in a good way. I used to spend my time online on MSN, DeviantArt and IRC. I'm still friends with some of the people I met there!

I was always looking for places to share my art and connect with other artists or people with the same interests. I've come to feel disillusioned with how the internet has changed, and for me social media is a shallow way of interacting with others, it feels oversaturated and empty at the same time. It takes my time energy and attention, but doesn't really give me anything in return. I decided to try out Neocities to regain some agency over my online space. I still like to share my artwork on my social media accounts, you can find them to the left.

On this website, I post about (some of) my artwork, cats and favourite things. Enjoy!